zdjęcie Naramiennik brązowy z tarczkami spiralnymi

Brown epaulette with spiral shields

Lublin region from around 1700 to around 1100 BC was occupied by the Trzciniec culture with whom we associate the appearance of the first bronze objects in our territory.

One of them is a brown epaulette with spiral shields. The exact place where the monument was found is unknown. Based on the available information, it is assumed that the discovery was made in the present-day Lublin region.

The epaulette, 9.6 cm in diameter, was made of thick brown wire with an oval cross-section. An arch ornamented with grooves turns into two shields also decorated with grooves. The whole ornament is covered with a noble dark green patina. Traces of wear (the epaulettes were hung around the neck on a leather thong) suggest that this ornament was worn on the right shoulder.

Both the shape and ornament of the monument allow us to believe that it most likely came to the Lublin region in the period between 1300–1100 BC from metallurgical workshops located in Silesia or Greater Poland.

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