23 maja 2023

Use of Digital Technologies in the Documentation, Protection, Management and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage | An interdisciplinary international conference

An interdisciplinary international conference entitled “Use of Digital Technologies in the Documentation, Protection, Management and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage” will take place in Lublin on 19-20 October, 2023.

The conference is part of a series of interdisciplinary conferences on the Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Lands of the Former Republic of Poland, and is the third edition of this event. New digital technologies are used in museology in many areas. One of the most important activities is the documentation of cultural heritage, which is intended to protect it.

The subject of digitization has gained special importance as a result of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, where thousands of monuments were destroyed and their potential reconstruction is possible only on the basis of preserved documentation. At a time when technology is catching up with imagination, there is also a special need to reflect on experimental hybrid environments that more and more often fill museum spaces or online portals telling about heritage. These tools and environments change our perception, communication, cultural behavior and value judgments.

During the conference there will be three seminars dedicated to the following topics:
1. Digitization – tools and applications (including digital technologies for museums and cultural institutions).
2. Digitized artifacts and hybrid spaces as a source of historical knowledge (including popularization of cultural heritage in institutional activities as well as bottom-up initiatives, for example, the use of historical knowledge in computer games).
3. Philosophical implications (including the aesthethic experience of hybrid spaces (real – unreal; ethical aspects of controlling and manipulating the visitor’s experience; exploring the use of new media in museums (methodologies).

Organizer: The National Museum in Lublin in cooperation with the Museum of Cultural History (the University of Oslo).
Scientific Committee Members: Prof. Jan Pomorski (UMCS), Prof. Bogumil Szady (KUL), Prof. Nicolo Dell’Unto (Lund University), Dr. Olga Klymenko (Ukrainian Institute, Kiev), Espen Uleberg (Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo).

Forms of participation in the conference such as in person and online participation are planned.

The preferred language of the conference is English. Papers in Ukrainian will be translated into English and Polish, while papers in Polish will be translated into English.

Organizing Committee Members: Marta Cyran, Dr. Marcin Gapski, Aleksandra Sztal
Conference Coordinator and Secretary: Dr. Monika Krzykała
Conference E-mail: konferencje@mzwdr.pl

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